India | 2010 | 111 min. | Wertung: --
verfügbare Sprachen: HI (EN subtitles), HI
Original Titel: Ishqiya
Genre: , Komödie

Abhishek Chaubey

Adil Hussain , Anupama Kumar , Arshad Warsi , Naseeruddin Shah , Rajesh Sharma , Salman Shahid , Vidya Balan

Story about two small time crooks, Khalujaan and Babban, who are on the run from their boss, Mushtaq. They seek refuge with their old friend’s widow, Krishna. Their time spent together draws the duo to her. There is a breath of fresh air in the lives of the three as in each other they find a vent to forget the past and find joy in every moment. This fantasy land is shattered as Mushtaq discovers the location of the two. Being a gangster's wife, a new side of Krishna comes to light, a master in her husband's criminal ways. She is the only route for the two to get out of trouble. Skeletons from the Krishna's past which were locked up till now; bounce back creating a clash between love and trust on one side and crime and deceit on the other.

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