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South Korea | 2005 | 1608 min. | Wertung: --
verfügbare Sprachen: KO (EN subtitles), KO
Original Titel: Revenge
Genre: , Thriller

JEON Chang-geun , PARK Chan-hong

UHM Tae-woong , HAN Ji-min , JO Jae-wan , GO Joo-won , KIM Yun-seok

Classic Korean Drama should be a potent mix of forbidden romance and an unhealthy dose of vengeance, with a twist of emotional and psychological torture, to keep it fresh. Seo Ha-eun is a cop in the Serious Crimes Unit, investigating the alleged suicide of a well-known underworld figure. The case gets personal when Ha-eun falls in love with his adopted sister and assumes the identity of his long lost twin brother. This thriller is one man's grizzly vendetta to avenge his family as he puts the pieces of his life back together.

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